Private Chauffeur

Ever thought about how it would be to have your own car driven by your private chauffeur? Work while a professional steers your car through traffic and traffic jams. Getting the work done, before you get to your destination, a private chauffeur makes that possible.

Mayfair Limousine offers an excellent private chauffeur service, which can be booked from any location, to any destination. Our flexible service can be pre-booked at any time.

Book an experienced private driver. He or she will represent you during your journey, and is there at your convenience all the time.


– Timely delivery
– Save valuable time
– Travel time becomes effective work time * Reduced work & time pressure
– No stress during journeys
– Private driver ensures safety
– Drop-off at the address
– Call private driver at your convenience
– Drink and be driven
– Transported by a professional

Mayfair Limousine can plan all destinations with accuracy and takes all common traffic situations into account, to ensure a safe and timely delivery.

From €72,50 per hour
The list of benefits is long, and a private driver might be an ideal solution for you too. Especially when the private driver is affordable, given all the benefits.

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